Saturday, February 21, 2009

Now is the Time to Communicate

I wanted to share some thoughts on communication from my book and my presentations. Now, more than ever we need to make sure we effectively communicate with each other. We have to help each other be successful. To do this, we must focus, listen, and communicate.

Focus is the start of good communication.

  1. We must increase our focus when dealing with employees, managers and customers.
  2. Listening is the most important tool in communication. Listening will allow us to be better leaders, teammates, and communicators. Listening also increases creativity.
  3. Good listening is a choice.

In the Moment

  1. We must be open and flexible to change.
  2. We have no control over many things.
  3. We always control our attitude and how we react to change.
  4. By being in the moment when we communicate, we are more prepared for whatever happens next. Being prepared allows us to be successful and more productive.

Three C's: The goal is to communicate to your audience effectively so they are comfortable, confident and in control.

  1. Be a leader and help the other person be comfortable, confident and in control.
  2. Provide the right details at the right time.
  3. Be patient.
  4. Be flexible.
  5. Be open to ideas.
  6. Define constant communication.
  7. Speak up when something is bothering you.

Be more detailed. Everyone needs a different amount of details to effectively communicate. Give the right amount of details at the right time.

  1. Understand we are all different in how we communicate.
  2. Some people are chit-chat people and some are down to business. Communicate differently to each employee. Treat them as individuals and not as a group.
  3. Each employee will respond to different ways of communication.
  4. Be patient and positive.

Create a 50/50 partnership. Involve the employees in the communication process. If the employee has ownership and is involved, they care. When the employee cares, they have passion.

  1. Ask the question: How do I make the other people around me successful? This is the hardest part of effective communication. Most people come in to work and say, "What can everyone do for me today?"
  2. The dynamic shift is asking the question, "What can I do for the people around me to make them successful?" Ask the question. Answer the question. Act on the answer.

Stay in the Game

  1. Anyone can quit. The only way to be successful is to stay in the game. If you stay in the game, you might have to learn something new; get out of your comfort zone; communicate differently; or try a new approach. If you quit, you are guaranteed failure. If you stay in the game, you will fins success.
  2. Create opportunity for people to communicate. Match the opportunity with positive support. When was the last time you asked your employees what they needed to be happy?